Auto Ring

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What is it?

Silent/vibrate mode is for you if you do not want to be interrupted by offensive phone calls, and Auto Ring is for you if you do not want to miss important calls in the meanwhile.

How does it work?

When a call is incoming in silent/vibrate mode Auto Ring checks through your predefined “white list” and turns your phone into normal mode temporarily if the number is in it. By doing this the ringer of you phone will have a chance to inform you of that important call. Auto Ring will turn your phone into its previous mode (silent or vibrate accordingly) to protect your quiet life after you answer it or refused it or the peer hangs up. If the number is not in the list you phone will keep it’s mode and never ring.

Auto Ring will apply this process to incoming SMS if you configured it to.

Note: Auto Ring never plays ring tone itself! It just changes the ringer mode! Please configure you Messaging app to play notifications!

What is “MISSED” mode?

Well… I admit it’s a little complicated but I’ll try my best to explain it to you.  :)

It is a mean to ring your phone only after you have MISSED some times to put it simply.
To put it exactly you phone will ring when and only when the following conditions are all satisfied:
  1. The incoming number is in you white list;
  2. You’ve continuously missed this number several times (your configuration) in a certain period of time (your configuration).
Note: If you want “MISSED” mode for any number (to exclude condition 1), please check “Anyone” in white list.

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